Jewelry: Match Your Outfit From Start To Finish

You spend hours putting together an outfit. You look at colours, the fit, the style and the overall impression in the mirror. When you are finally satisfied with the garments on your body, there’s always the need for the finishing touch. A little something that shows how put together and how well thought out your ensemble is.

There are various ways to achieve this. You can go for a statement belt or the recently-returned-to-fashion necktie. The eternally classic answer, however, is always going to be jewelry. It can be simple or elaborate, stand out or more reserved.

Matching the perfect pieces to an outfit doesn’t need to be difficult, but there are a few key things to be considered.

  1. First Steps: Consider The Overall Picture

It’s not just your outfit that you need to match your jewelry and accessories to – it’s you! Consider things like your skin tone. Pale skin and light-coloured golds and silvers can look washed out, so opt for darker, gunmetal shades. If you have long hair, big earrings shouldn’t have to compete, so opt for studs on days you wear your hair down and save the showstoppers for the up ‘do days. It’s all about making sure everything fits with one another.

  1. Color Consideration: It’s Not Just About The Clothes

Whether you prefer to match shades of a color or color-block various brights, don’t forget to factor your jewelry into the picture. Rose gold has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, but it can clash with tones too similar to it such as pinks and yellows. Silver such as elf925 sterling silver jewelry can pop with darker shades, but wear it with anything too monochrome and the end result is almost industrial.

  1. Break The Mold: You Can Mix Metals

The general consensus has always been that you shouldn’t mix metals. That means if you have an item such as an engagement ring, or something passed down from a relative then you can’t venture outside of that metal. It’s reductive and restrictive. The concept that you can’t mix metals comes from the same people who argue redheads can’t wear pink; which they very obviously can. Old-fashioned ideas like these should be consigned to the waste basket of fashion history, so play around.

  1. No Competition Clause: Give Everything The Chance To Shine

Jewelry and clothes should work together, which might mean that one needs to give way to the other. For example, if you are wearing something with a high neck, you have two options for necklaces. You can choose to go without, or go for something that is long and sits almost to the breast bone. If you go for a normal length, it’s going to look like it is competing with the neckline of your top or dress for attention.

The same applies to considering bracelets in regards to sleeve lengths. If you’re wearing a short or three-quarter sleeve, then a big, statement piece is fine around your wrist. Long sleeves need something more demure, like a simple link chain or bangle with a solitary stone.


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