My Interview with HeyFranHey

Today on the blog, I am interviewing Francheska owner of the natural beauty and lifestyle blog HeyFranHey. Enjoy!


 Me:  What was your motivation to start blogging about natural hair and beauty?

Fran: It definitely wasn’t planned! I had some health issues and was bed ridden for 8 months. I started researching about juicing and once I started juicing, I was cured in 3 months. That experience in healing myself by juicing prompted me to starting living a natural lifestyle and sharing my experiences. I started writing about natural hair care because you can’t get everyone’s attention writing about kale! The response has been amazing!

Me: That is awesome! I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. You never know if you would have been living a natural lifestyle had it not been for your health issues.

Fran: Yes! As they say, there is nothing more uplifting than rock bottom.

Me: So, I love your DIY beauty creations! Can you tell me one or two of your favorite ones?

Fran: My favorite hands down is the lip balm and lip scrub. Most people don’t make their own lip balm, so that was fun to do.

View the video on YouTube Here:

My second favorite is making my own toothpaste. It’s just 3 ingredients: Baking soda, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil.  I am in the process of making a video for it so stay tuned!

Me: I am going to have to try both of those! My favorite one from you is the DIY Raw & Organic Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment! I cannot wait to use it on my hair as well as my daughter’s!

Fran: Thank you! Let me know what you think!

Me: I definitely will! On to my next question. We all get motivation from different people or things. So, I want to know who or what motivates you?

Fran: It’s not really one person or one thing. The response from my readers and people is extremely inspiring and motivating. The conversation with my readers is also important to me. We are bombarded with so much reality TV that it’s nice to engage with people.

Me. So true! Now I am curious as to what are your favorite things you use to keep your hair and skin healthy? What are products that you find yourself using a lot?

Fran:  For cleansing and moisturizing the skin on my face I use almond oil. On my body I use un-refined coconut oil to moisturize. For my hair, I use Shea Moisture brand, if I don’t make my own product.

Me: So with the almond oil, do you add anything to it to make it a cleanser?

Fran:  No, you don’t need to add anything to it; just the almond oil. People think “oil” is going to make their skin oily, but good oil like almond oil actually detoxifies and cleanses by removing debris within the pores and it moisturizes by balancing your natural oil levels. (Read her article on the Oil Cleansing Method Here)

Me: Wow, I never knew that! This is so informative! For my last question, I have to ask about your personal style. You have a great since of style, how would you describe it and where do you like to shop?

Fran:  My style is definitely bohemian with street wear mixed in. I am a tomboy, but I try to throw in some feminine. As for stores, I don’t shop in traditional stores.  I mostly shop at thrift stores like Nasty Gal Vintage. I like to have options!


A very special Thank You to Fran for taking the time to interview with me!

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 “There is nothing like homemade natural beauty” Francheska



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