Interview with Amanda Gullickson of "The Face"

A brand new season of Oxygen”s modeling reality competition “The Face” premiers tomorrow night. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is back with two new coaches Anne V and Lydia Hearst and of course the charming Nigel Barker. One model I am looking forward to watching is Amanda Gullickson. The Carolina native is set to make her mark not only with her striking beauty, but with her southern charm. Check out my interview with her below.

The Face - Season 2

Me: Tell me when you first figured out that modeling was a career path you wanted to take?

Amanda: Modeling came out of the blue. I got injured playing basketball and was no longer able to play, so several people encouraged me to give modeling a try. I did and from there everything just fell into place.

Me: What do you love most about living in New York and what do you miss most about living in the Carolinas?

Amanda: New York is an amazing city with so much to love! What I love most is how much opportunity there is. You can meet anybody and do anything! But, I must say the delivery of any kind of food you can imagine comes second! Haha! When it comes to the Carolinas, I miss my parents the most and how familiar I was with the area.

Me: Tell us the number one beauty product you can‘t live without?

Amanda: I can’t live without is my ‘Say Yes to Tomatoes’ face wash! It’s the best!

Me: What is your “go-to” outfit or style?

Amanda: I’ve been an athlete my whole life, that’s still who I am at heart. So, to be completely honest, my “go-to” is leggings and some Nike’s or Jordan’s with a cute top to match.

Me: Who is your dream designer to model for?

Amanda: My dream designer is Victoria Secret.

Me: What encouraged you to apply to be on the Face?

Amanda: My agencies encouraged me.

Me: What was the most difficult part of The Face competition?

Amanda: The most difficult part of the Face was having to adapt to everyone since none of us knew each other.

Me: Naomi Campbell has been personified in the media as quite the intimidating presence. What was your first impression of her and what did you learn most about her from being in the competition?

Amanda: Naomi Campbell was amazing and my first impression of her was that she is a woman about her business. From being in the competition, what I learned the most from her was the importance of staying “in character” and the presence you should always have.

Catch The Face Wednesday’s at 10 p.m. on Oxygen

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