Interior Designers Reveal Their Kitchen Secrets

The kitchen is probably the most functional room in the house. It’s all about cooking, washing and cleaning. It’s built with practicality in mind. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. In fact, a well designed kitchen will be the centerpiece of any home. Unfortunately, we don’t always have a lot to play with. So, we spoke to a few top interior designers and asked them to reveal their secrets. They didn’t hold back, that’s for sure! Here are some of our favorite tricks.

Beautiful Modern Kitchen


Storage is everything

When it comes to decorating and designing a kitchen, clutter cannot be tolerated! You only have a small amount of room to work with and that demands a tidy space. The first thing you can do to aid the interior decoration is to find or build new storage space. Make sure everything has a home and clear it from the work surfaces.


Fine Kitchenware

It’s not just the kitchen itself that’s important here. It’s everything you put in it. The best designers take pride in their kitchenware. They opt for matching crockery that is consistent with the colour scheme and design itself. One designer suggests looking at Carrs cutlery from Table Top for inspiration. It’s time to throw out your mismatched kitchenware!


Rustic, rustic, rustic

Rustic kitchens with hints of contemporary design are all the rage. They are functional but bring life and character to your room. Imagine a big, rustic farmhouse kitchen and then compare it to yours. Imagine wooden beams, soft pastel colours and treated wood surfaces. Try to integrate this theme and idea into your design as much as possible. It’s a classic kitchen style that will never go out of fashion.



When decorating kitchens, most people fail to consider artwork or centerpieces. The kitchen is a fantastic place to hang a large, oversized piece of art. Use eye-catching focal points to add character and personality to your kitchen. Try and stick to a simple colour theme, but use this chance to show off your personality.


Soft furnishings

The kitchen is defined by all the small things. Your soft furnishings bring everything together in a cohesive unity. Think about your curtains or blinds, the table runner, dishcloths and tea towels. Each of these items needs to create a consistent palette and theme in the kitchen. Look for a similar colour or pattern that pulls it all together.


Hang your pans and display utensils

One way to achieve that farmhouse look is to hang your pots and pans above the oven. Use hooks to display them in pride of place. You can do the same with larger utensils by placing them in a tall pot. It’s these simple tricks that bring life to your kitchen.


Butler sinks

Finally, there’s one thing that every single designer mentioned: large butler sinks. They are just stunning and instantly add class and sophistication to your kitchen. They are deep set and heavy, just perfect for that rustic look.


None of the advice here is particularly difficult to achieve. In fact, you could get stuck into these ideas straight away. Where would you start?


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