How To Inject Personality Into Your New Home

When you move house, one of the first things you want to do is make it your own. Decorating the new place is an exciting time. But it’s also a chance to put together a space that shows off your – and your family’s – personality.

In today’s guide, we’re going to go through a few ideas that you can use to show off your personality. Let’s start off with some of the basics.


The basics

First of all, it’s always a good idea to make a plan. Never go out shopping without any idea of what you want first. Take measurements and ensure that anything you buy is going to fit. It’s also a good idea to consider the pros and cons of form and function. It can be easy to get carried away with splashing your personality all over the place. But, is it going to make your home look good, and will it be comfortable to live in? Keep these principles at the forefront of your mind and you should be able to make better choices.


Decor and color

Have an inspiration session or two with your family before choosing colors and decor. Talk about what you think will be a nice look, and try and work out a color scheme that suits everyone. Think about every bit of space in your new home, both horizontal and vertical. You can highlight different colors at different levels and areas, to break up any monotony. One thing we would recommend is not to go all guns blazing on color straight away. Often, a white wall can give you the perfect backdrop for the little pieces that will show off your personality. Stick to basic colors, and then slowly add others in – it’s an effective way to grow into your new home.


Choose a few quality pieces

It’s always a good idea to buy some new pieces for a new home. But, focus on quality rather than quantity. Well made pieces of furniture offer a longevity you just can’t get at IKEA. And, of course, a stunning piece could even become a focal point for each room. The likes of and others offer some unique styles that might set your brain buzzing. Have a look around your local furniture stores and see what you can find.


Reflect your loves of life

Before you get started, think about what you and your family love in life. You might have an affinity for an old hometown or a favorite vacation destination. You can add small touches of these places everywhere, either through blown up photos or even color schemes. Bring everything that you love to the fore, and it’s a great way of displaying who you are to guests and visitors.


It's time to get the paint brushes out again


Decide on a focus

Every room in your home should have a focal point. And, it can be entirely of our choosing. Many households use the fireplace, for example, and decorate their living rooms to highlight it in the best way. But you don’t have to make traditional choices. Some families might be keen cinema goers, for example, so that the TV could be your focal point. Others may prefer music, so an audio system and speakers could draw the attention – in any part of the room. Keen readers might like to have an enormous or eye-catching bookshelf, displaying the books that define their lives. It’s entirely up to you – but always have a focal point.


Highlight your history

As we mentioned above, hanging personal photos up on the walls is a great way to show off who you are. There are plenty of different ways to display them, too. You can go for the traditional look, with black and white photos of your family, friends, and ancestors. Or you could go for an entirely modern look, with full color and stylish, trendy frames. Photos can really tell a story about you and your history – and no other house in the neighborhood will look the same!


Kitchen tips

Kitchens can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to adding personality. Their main duty is, of course, to be hardwearing and practical. But a little style is not impossible to achieve. Patterned tiles can create a striking look, and you can even paint them yourself if you are the artistic type. If you prefer the rustic look, try going for stone tiles instead. You could try a nice terracotta tile, for example, which is homely and earthy at the same time. For many families, the kitchen is the focus of the home. It’s where you spend most of your time, so feel free to add little dining areas, and make it as personable as you can.


DIY what you can

Handy with arts and crafts? If so, try creating your own little pieces and dot them around the home. Even if you lack the skills right now, it can be easy with a little practice. Cushion covers, for example, are the perfect starting point for novices. And, they are a great way to inject your unique personality all over the house. You can move onto making lampshades yourself, too. Find a nice fabric supplier and you will be able to have a level of consistency in each room that you just can’t achieve by buying off the shelf. The likes of have plenty of DIY decor tips, so see what you can come up with!


Take your time

All these little ideas can help you inject personality into a new home. But, you should avoid doing everything at once. It takes a time to settle into a new building, and many things will change over the years. You can afford to take your time to create the perfect living space – and we recommend you do just that. The pieces you pick up will be almost a living history of where you are at as a family. And, when mixed with older pieces, your home will tell the story of how you got there.


Feel free to offer your advice on adding your personality to a new home in the comments section below. Good luck and let us know how you get on!


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