I’m Already Checking Out This Winter’s Fashion Trends!

The weather here has been scorching hot and very dry. So, its not wonder I am ready for the weather to cool WAY down.  It’s got me thinking a little bit about those fall and winter fashion essentials. I’ve been avoiding the heat and staying inside the cool air, letting my mind wonder to what accessories will be adding to my wardrobe this winter. I’m constantly filling up my Pinterest Boards with chic winter inspiration.


One of the things I really don’t want to do without next season is a winter scarf. I’ve been trying to find neck scarves at the amazon store online because it’s quite easy to see what you’re getting there. It looks like bright colors are here to stay, so I’m looking forward to picking something comfy and cozy to keep me going this winter.

Hats are a bit hit and miss for me. Some styles really don’t suit me that well, but if I like the look of I’m prone to buying it. When it’s rainy like this, an umbrella is a must. The trouble is, the winter is so windy! So for me, the hat has to look good and keep me dry enough at the same time. I’ve seen some gorgeous berets in wool, but I’m not sure how good they’ll be in bad weather.

I don’t mind too much if my winter accessories don’t match. I don’t have a need only to buy sets, but I do love quality fashion wear. I would always start with the coat. In winter, I like to have a couple ready to go. I would like one to be very weather-proof for those awful days when you’d rather be in bed. I would also like a gorgeous wool, full-length coat. It’s beautifully shaped and fitted and comes with a cute belt to cinch in at the waist. It’s perfect for when it’s not too wet.

My Snow Style

Gloves and boots are also part of my winter essentials. Wooly gloves are really cute, but I think I might splash out and try a leather pair this year. They look very smart, especially with a full-length coat. Black leather boots are guaranteed to keep my feet and legs dry. I like a little bit of a heel, though, so something smart rather than casual is what I’m looking out for.

As my scarf is likely to be my most colorful accessory on a wet winter’s day, I think my lippy choice will be made to coordinate with that. Winter colors look set to be deep and plum this year. I love a good shade of velvety red too. It looks like I’ll be needing waterproof mascara! Hopefully, the summer weather will come back before too long or I’ll have to consider packing a suitcase to find it elsewhere.


There is something to be said for all the seasons, but when it’s summertime, I wish the weather would be a bit more like it! Still, it’s given me a chance to have a little think about my winter accessories. And browsing the internet for fashion is quite a good rainy day activity. Here’s hoping for a fabulous season.


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