How To Spruce Up Your Back Yard For Summer

The summer is on its way, and that means lots of evenings and weekends spent enjoying the summer sun in our backyard. Is your outdoor space ready for outdoor games, sunbathing, garden parties and BBQs? If your answer to this question is a “no”, don’t panic! This post will help you spruce up your backyard so that it looks beautiful and functions well throughout the summer months.

Give it a good old cleaning

Maybe all that your back yard needs to be ready for summer is a good tidy. Remove any debris that may have gathered over the winter. Tidy up your flower beds by removing dead leaves and heads. Rake and mow the lawn and cut back any wild shrubs. Any stone or decking surfaces should also be scrubbed and rinsed to bring them back to life for summer. You would be amazed at what a good cleaning can do to improve the overall look and feel of your outdoor space.

Think about your outdoor furniture

If you are planning on entertaining in your back yard, even if it’s just your immediate family, you’ll need ample back yard furniture for dining and lounging. Thinking about buying new or additional furniture? The most popular styles at the moment are comfortable and luxurious outdoor sofas and armchairs and rustic but glamorous wooden trestle tables. If you already have plenty of outdoor furniture, don’t forget to give it a good scrub to remove any dirt or mold that may have accumulated over the winter.

Wicker Patio Set


Prepare your grill

No summer is complete without at least one BBQ dinner or party, so make sure your grill is in working order and clean. You can find instructions for the proper cleaning procedure for your BBQ by searching for details online. Don’t forget about your grill tools. They may need a good scrub and rinse to remove dirt that has built up since the last time they were used.

Update your lighting

If your summer days in the back yard often extend into the evening, you’ll want to make sure you have beautiful and practical outdoor lighting. LED outdoor lighting is a good choice if you want a quality and energy efficient option. Outdoor lanterns, candles and fairy lights will make your garden look magical for an evening soiree.

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Add some features

Little decorative touches here and there can make a big difference to the appearance of your back yard. Perhaps your garden would look extra beautiful in summer with some new and interesting plants and plant pots. Water features also make an exquisite addition to any garden. You can make an affordable water feature yourself by simply filling a large terracotta bowl with water and beautiful water plants, such as lilies.

With a little TLC, updates and additions you can transform your back yard into an outdoor paradise that will be the perfect setting for all your summer activities. If you have any more tips on how to spruce up your back yard for summer, comment below!


Have a happy summer!


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