How to Properly Apply Your Skincare Products

Applying Skincare Properly

We all have a skin care routine, but are we applying our skin care products properly? The secret on how to properly apply your skincare products is the order in which you apply them.

Order of product application should be determined by the weight of each product. The first things you put on your skin should be the lightest texture. Then work your way up to the heaviest texture last. Anything water or alcohol based should be applied first, then any gel products, then light lotions, then heavier creams, thick serums, and finally anything ointment based (or not containing any water).

 How can you tell how heavy a product is?

Look at the ingredients label. Products with waxes, oils, and lanolin’s listed as the first few ingredients are going to be the products that are hardest to penetrate into the skin so those should go on last.

 How do you know if a product has penetrated or is sitting on top of the skin?

When you apply a product and feel no residue a few minutes shortly after application then that’s how you know the product has seeped into the skin.


Note: The two exceptions to the weight rule are sunscreen and acne products. Sunscreen needs around 20-30 minutes to set into skin so make sure to apply this first. Acne products also should go first because for them to perform their best they need the most contact with your skin.



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