How to Pick an Eternity Ring

Treating a special someone you love to an eternity ring lets her know that your love will last forever. While many women wear an engagement and wedding ring combo that matches on their left ring fingers, they can wear an eternity ring on any other finger. Some wear one on the ring finger of their right hands, but others wear these rings on their pinkies, thumbs and other fingers. As you shop for an eternity ring, there are a few things to look for to ensure you pick the best one.


One thing to look at is the overall size of the ring. Eternity rings are typically on the thinner side and are roughly the same width as an engagement ring, but many come in larger sizes too. If she loves showing off her jewelry and getting attention from others, she might prefer a ring with a wider band or one with larger diamonds. Stacked rings are another great option for those who like to make an impression. These rings come with multiple bands that she can wear together or take apart and wear separately.

Number of Diamonds

Brilliant Earth and other companies make eternity rings that feature a ring of diamonds around the band. The idea is that the never ending cycle of diamonds surrounding that band symbolizes your never ending love. Though you will find a number of rings with both smaller and larger diamonds on a band, you’ll also find rings with fewer diamonds. The diamonds wrap around the front and sides of the ring but stop on the back. This lowers the price of the ring but still gives the appearance of a full set of diamonds.


Material is something else you should consider when picking out a new eternity ring for someone special. If you aren’t sure what type of material she would like, take a look at the jewelry that she wears every day. Most women prefer eternity rings that match back to their wedding ring sets. These women also pick other jewelry that matches back to those rings, which gives you an idea of what she would like. White gold is very popular with women because it matches so many other materials, but she may prefer a traditional yellow gold ring too. Some companies make rose gold eternity rings too that have a slightly pinkish finish.


As you shop for eternity rings, Brilliant Earth jewelry and other types of jewelry, price will likely be on your mind. Deciding on your budget ahead of time can help you save some money on the perfect ring for her. The cost of the ring often depends on factors like the number of diamonds on the band as well as the size and clarity of those stones. Rings with clearer and larger diamonds often cost more than those that feature smaller diamonds. Platinum rings often cost more than gold rings too.

Once you give your spouse an engagement ring and slip a wedding band on her finger, you need to think about what you will give her in the future. Gifting her an eternity ring tells her that you love her just as much today as you did when exchanging your vows. Shopping for an eternity ring requires looking at price, material, size and number of diamonds.


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