How to Contour the Easy Way

Over the past few years contouring has become the “must know” beauty advice bloggers and brands have been trying to teach us to master. Being the natural beauty advocate I am paired with the fact that there always seemed to be too many “steps” to get a perfect contour, it was something that I never tried. Then I found the simple and easy to use Cameo Contour stick by Pur Cosmetics that promised to make a perfectly contoured face effortless. Each contour stick contains 2 different shades and comes in 5 skin tone options (Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, Deep) that work for almost anyone. First, you apply your own foundation as your normally would. Then using the lighter of the two colors, highlight by swiping the center of the forehead, under the brow bone, down the bridge of the nose, under the eye and the center of chin. Next, contour using the darker color by swiping around forehead hairline, sides of the nose, under the cheekbone, and under the jawline. To complete the look, blend using the blending sponge provided.

Here are my results on the first try.

Blogger Alea Sherrill results from using Cameo Contour stick by Pur Cosmetics

Perfect, right! It was so easy to use! Plus I love the fact that it only took an additional 5 minutes to my makeup routine and I don’t have to practice to make it perfect. Although, I don’t contour on a daily basis, I will definitely add this easy method to my makeup routine when I attend events and for special occasions.



Cameo Contour stick by Pur Cosmetics


Watch the video below from Pur to see how easy it is to #ContourResponsibly



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