How I Transformed My Bedroom Into A Warm, Cozy Hideaway

I’ve always been jealous of people with wonderful bedrooms. I wanted that warm, cozy feeling in my room, but never knew how to achieve it. So, I did what every budding interior designer should. I asked the experts! After chatting to one or two interior design friends, it all seemed so obvious. I quickly transformed my bedroom, without too much effort or cost. Now I have a cosy, romantic bedroom to share with my husband! Today, I’m passing on the interior designers’ amazing advice to you.


Embrace plushness – Your main goal here is texture. Lots of soft furnishings like cushions and blankets are essential. So, embrace the plushness! Choose lots of soft, furry accessories to pack into your room. I particularly like the range at Manchester Madness when it comes to cozy touches. You can stock up on chunky quilts, soft bedding and plush cushions to decorate. Don’t be afraid to go overboard here. You can never have too much!


Found furniture – One of the biggest reasons for a cold, dull room is generic furniture. Those same-old Ikea wardrobes and chest-of-drawers are doing nothing for your bedroom. Sure, they might be practical, but they’re a little lifeless. A cheaper, and more stunning, option is to hit the flea markets and secondhand furniture stores. Find unique and rustic furniture with a history. It will bring life to your bedroom and give it a cozier look.


Rugs – Nothing adds character to a room like a big (I mean really big) feature rug. Choose one that is bursting with warm colors and thick with texture. It’s worth splashing out a little here, as the best rugs do get quite expensive. Try to match the color scheme of the room, but don’t be afraid to throw in a few bold colors. It’s your chance to let your personality shine through and make a statement in the bedroom.


Lamps and candles – Sometimes, the lights make all the difference. That harsh overhead light has got to go! The best thing I did for my bedroom was install a dimmer switch. Now I can keep the lights low and romantic. Great for those early mornings when my eyes can’t handle the full brightness! It’s also perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in the evenings. You can add lots of lamps and candles to make it feel like a luxury hotel room!


Sounds and smells – When it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere, don’t forget your other senses! I like to use incense and fragrance candles to bathe the room in a warm aroma. You can choose your favorite smells here and make it your own. I also installed a little music system so we can have soft music playing during the evening. It’s all about creating a lovely atmosphere in lots of different ways.


It’s easy when you know how! I can’t believe the difference it made for me. Now I have a relaxing, comfortable place to unwind at the end of the day. I love it. Have you got any cozy bedroom tricks? I’d love to hear from you!




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