Graduation Gift Ideas For Every Girl on Your List


High school graduation is a major event for every family, and what better way to congratulate the happy student than by offering a fun and functional gift? We’ve compiled a list of our favorites to get you started with your shopping, and you can use it as a jumping-off point in your search for the perfect graduation gift for the girl in your life.


College-Bound Students


Students who will start college in the fall need a wide range of helpful — and compact – items to help them get settled comfortably into their dorm rooms and undergraduate routine. Consider picking up one of these presents:


  • ID carriers: College students use their ID cards for everything, so they need a handy and fashionable way to carry them around, along with a debit card or driver’s license. Check out the zip wallets at
  • Pajamas: Sure, the long T-shirt is always an option for sleepwear, but a stylish pajama set is more grown-up.
  • Blankets: She’ll be watching movies in friends’ dorm rooms or studying in the community spaces, so make sure she’s warm with a comfy blanket.
  • Journal: Whether for jotting down notes in class or writing letters to her future self, journals are always helpful to have in college.


Fashion-Forward Girls


For some students, the role of a fashionista is an important one, even after high school graduation. Help her maintain her style game with some of these choices:


  • Flip flops: Bring on summertime with brightly colored footwear for every day or just pool time.
  • Statement sweatshirt: Let her show her personality in a sweatshirt complete with pithy catchphrase.
  • Stylish sunglasses: Forget round lenses – how about some in the shape of ruby red lips?
  • Sparkly clutch: Any time is the right time for a small handbag with a glittering exterior.


Sporty Chicks


No matter where she is headed after graduation, a sporty girl will want to continue with her activity regimen year-round. Support her efforts with one of these gift ideas:


  • Running shoes: A sporty girl can never have too many pairs of running shoes. Find the brightest and boldest pair you can.
  • Water bottle: A vital tool for any healthy girl, choose one with polka dots, stripes or a fun print.
  • Workout pants: Just like shoes, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to workout gear.
  • Yoga mat: She will be able to get her “oooohm” on no matter where she is if you gift her a handy yoga mat.


Health and Beauty Fan


If you have a makeup collector on your list of pending high school graduates, you can’t really go wrong with adding to her war chest of beauty products. Consider one of these:

  • Set of makeup brushes: A new set of brushes is like a breath of fresh air in a makeup routine.
  • Nail polish: Try to choose shades you’ve seen your recipient wear before. Or not. You can be bold here with little risk.
  • Heat tools for hair: Styling tools will never go amiss as a gift because they all have their own specific purposes.
  • Perfume: Since scents are highly personal, try to stick with a nice, neutral floral or vanilla-based option.


Wizards of Technology


Many teen girls headed out into the world after high school graduation would benefit from a technology boost. One of these helpful tools can’t go wrong:

  • Wireless headphones: No matter where she goes, she will always have her own jams in her ears. And no strings attached.
  • Phone charger: No one likes to run out of charge at the end of the day.
  • Bluetooth speaker: She can enjoy soothing studying music or pumped up shower tunes with this gift.
  • Instant-print camera: There are a lot of new friends to meet out there, and she’ll love the ability to have instant prints of her photos with them.



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