Give Your Home a Summer Feel with These Design Tips

When summer arrives, you can start wishing that you could have that summer feeling all the time. Often you can be walking along your street, enjoying the sunshine, but as soon as you walk through the front door it feels different. You’ve shut the summer outside, and now you’re stuck in the house with important things to do. You can’t spend the whole season out in the sun, so you’re just going to have to bring it to you. Follow these steps to give your home a summer feel that makes it just as much fun as being outside all the time.


Create a Minimal Look

Too much clutter in your home can make it feel too stuffy and busy for summer. Although you want to invite the sunshine inside, you don’t want it to be too hot. By paring down your arrangement of your furniture and accessories, you can create more of a minimal image for the season. One of the things you can consider removing or cutting down on is textiles. If you usually have lots of rugs, cushions, and throws, try taking them away to expose bare furniture and hardwood floors. You can help the room feel cooler and look more summery.


Maximize the Light

Bringing the sunlight inside will help you get lots of that precious vitamin D that you might not get enough of in the winter. Although you don’t want the house to heat up too much, it is nice to have the sunshine streaming through the windows. Hold back your curtains or blinds so that they’re well away from the window. If you don’t get a lot of light, you might even consider having or another service install some new ones. Large windows are great for connecting you to the outside at any time of year. Just make sure you don’t sit in the sun too long.


Don’t Forget Pockets of Shade

Even if you love having the sunlight streaming through the windows, you still need somewhere to keep cool. You don’t want the entire house to heat up, and for your air-conditioning to work extra hard to try and keep it cool. Make sure you have cool and shady corners to sit in too. You can create quiet seating areas where you can cool off with low lighting and an iced tea.


Bring the Outdoors In

Another great way to bring the summer into your house is to bring the outdoors inside. Add plants and flowers to your home to make it more natural. You can enjoy the greenery and beautiful colors that summer produces even when you’re in the house. You could use potted plants, grow a herb garden in the kitchen or put vases of flowers around your home.


Of course, you don’t have to spend all your time inside. If you have a backyard or garden, take your daily living outside instead. You can eat and drink out there, get some work done or read a book. Set up your outdoor space for summer living too.


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