Get A Contemporary Look For Your Home With These Essential Style Tips

Living a modern life often means we are busy working and checking out social media online! Finding the time to maintain and decorate your home is never easy these days. Home decor trends are moving away from the cozy cottage and comfy lounger looks. Now contemporary designs are offering clean lines, simple color palettes, and easy to clean solutions. Here’s how to get the look without the hassle this season:


For a contemporary finish, why not adopt a contemporary work method? Today’s living areas are moving away from the deep-filled sofa cushions and faux fur throws. Instead, invisible storage solutions and high-tech entertainment centers are becoming popular. Look for modular furniture to stow your personal belongings. Large storage cupboards and dressers that fill an entire wall are popular.




Look for designs that aren’t too fussy. The days of ornamental finishes are gone for now. Instead, clean lines and block colors are back. They may be reminiscent of the minimalist style. But they offer storage solutions, so you don’t have to live the minimalist life. Gloss finishes are in style right now. Look for matching furniture sets rather than an eclectic mix.


When you’re looking for signature pieces to draw the eye into the room, then why not look up? Contemporary chandeliers offer some exquisite shapes and textures to create interest in the room. Choose bulbs that offer a whiter light, like LEDs. This can create more interesting tones of light and shadow. It can also save you money on your energy bill!


Hard floors have been the popular choice for living areas for a while. Soften your room up a little with a rug. When choosing a rug for a living room, you might want to pick one that resembles the shape of the room. If your room is long and thin, then choose a rectangular rug. Pick something bright and vibrant with splashes of your key palette color. Geometric shapes continue to dominate the style guides this season.


It’s not just rugs and cushion covers that can throw some color into your room. Drapes and curtains are great for offering an entire wall of design. Choose vibrant colors and geometric designs for this season. Large flower prints have been popular for a while, and could still be a great option for your room.


Wall art is another great option for bringing color and shape into your living room. Pick pieces with vibrant shades of your key palette color. Swirls, curves and lines work very well. Canvas art, prints, or even stick-ons can bring the colors you are looking for. Designs vary greatly this season. Pick something you enjoy.


Living room decor can be simple, or it can be the accumulation of intricate designs. The most important factor is color. You can keep the furniture and walls quite neutral but still create a vibrant living space with your choices in soft furnishings and art. When you are looking for simple designs, think about how you use the space. Less is often more, so find storage solutions to keep things out of sight.


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