My Favorite Vegan Snack

Summer 2016 has been an interesting one for me and my family. When summer started, I couldn’t imagine giving up my obsession with cheeseburgers and now that summer is coming to a close, the thought of eating a whole cheeseburger makes me nauseous. So, how did I get here? I often joke with my friends that this summer has been “Food Documentary Summer” for me. I literally watched 8 food documentaries on Netflix over a period of 3 weeks. Talk about being bombarded with food information! The most influential ones for me were: Fed Up, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Hungry for a Change. After watching these films there was just no way I could go back to eating like I did. Knowledge is power.

So, my husband and I set our to change our eating habits. Since mid June, we are 75% vegan and the other 25% consists of a small amount of processed foods and the occasional bite of meat. I feel more energized, hydrated and overall more healthy. While weight loss wasn’t my goal in all of this, I have lost some weight and am continuing to get back into the recommend healthy weight range.  Completely changing the way me and my family eats has not been nearly as hard as I thought when I first set out. Embracing Veganism, I have discovered so many yummy foods that I would have never tried. My all time, ultimate favorite vegan snack is KIND’s new Pressed Bars. I was already a super fan of their Healthy Grains Bars, but the Pressed Bars are by far my favorite. Each of the 5 mixtures consist of only fruits and veggies in delicious combinations. Taking ingredients such as pineapple, banana, kale and spinach and pressing them into a convenient bar makes it easy to eat right on the go.  Plus the bars contain to added sugar or preservatives.

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You can shop online for the bars or find them at your Target, Whole Foods and other major retailers.


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