Fashion Tips From Your Mom That Are Worth Remembering

There are lots of nuggets of wisdom and advice that our moms try to hand down to us, but we just ignore them. Usually, it is because we think that their recommendations and advice are often outdated and don’t refer to right now. Because of this, you might ignore some of their fashion advice. However, there are some things that your mom says about fashion and style that you need to listen to. After all, some styles are timeless, so there is plenty of fashion tips and tricks that can and should be passed from generation to generation. Here are just a few to get you started.


Pull Your Pants Up

For the past few years or so, there was a big trend for low-rise pants and jeans. I’m sure your mother tried to tell you to pull them up, so you didn’t risk flashing your booty! Well, your mom will be very happy to hear that this fashion fad is now well and truly over, and that high-waisted pants are back in vogue. So now you should listen to your mom’s advice about pulling your pants and jeans right up – everyone else is now!


Take Time To Learn How To Walk In Heels

Did you used to play dress up with all your mother’s clothes and shoes when you were a little kid? If so, you will have no doubt tried to walk around her bedroom in her high heels. Not easy when you are young, is it? It takes time to master the art of walking in heels but putting in the effort to get it just right is very much worth it. There is nothing more tragic than seeing a woman struggle to walk in high-heeled shoes, so make sure that isn’t you next time you go out in your Jimmy Choos!

A Smile Is The Best Accessory

Sure, you could treat yourself to a statement handbag or a piece of mermaid jewelry, but when it comes to accessories, there is one that will trump everything else. And that is your smile! So don’t worry if you don’t have any jewelry, bags, or belts to go with one of your favorite outfits – simply flash your smile, and you will attract a lot of positive attention!


You Always Need An LBD In Your Wardrobe

Every woman has a tried and trusted little black dress in her wardrobe. This is the perfect dress for almost any occasion. You can make it casual by adding a chic denim jacket or add some extra sophistication to it with some pearls. I’m sure that pretty much every woman has a cute little black dress in her wardrobe, which she knows will get her through any occasion. Don’t have one yet yourself? Then you have the perfect excuse to go out shopping!


Our moms might not be right about everything, but you have to hand it to them that they hit the nail on the head when it comes to all the above advice!


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