Fashion Show Friday: Louis Vuitton Fall 2013

Marc Jacobs is always thinking of something new to do at his fashion shows and at the Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 show, he opted for a “spend the night with Louis” feel. The lighting was low and models walked out onto the runway through doors as if we were sitting in the “LV” mansion and they were coming out to greet us. The dark, mysterious, and dramatic music added to the sultry evening vibe. One thing I look forward to in a Louis Vuitton show is the handbags, and this season, Marc and the gang didn’t disappoint. The collection was full of fur “Speedy” bags (see 0:35 and 0:52). My vote of the clothes was just “all right.” I am not a big fan of lingerie and Pajamas as clothes to wear outside your home. One thing I did love were the long trench coats dipped in sparkle! And lets not forget to mention the iconic Kate Moss modeling at 7:36. Plus, the gowns shown on the two models behind her were amazing. Enjoy!

View the video on YouTube here:


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