Fashion Short Films

If you are not already familiar, let me introduce you to world of fashion short films. There are several elite luxury brands that take on the task of producing films with a story line, meaning and message. All the while, keeping the actors and actress looking super chic. Make no mistake that the costume design from each film is well thought out. Whether the films are focusing on a particular collection (i.e. Fall 2012) or focusing on the general lifestyle of the brand, the films make us want to copy the looks and merge into the lifestyle they represent. There are many films out there, but I choose 4 distinctly different fashion short films to showcase the variety in the genre. Two are by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Karl definitely goes all in to create these short films. Perhaps one day, we may get a full feature film from him. Have a look and Enjoy!

“Once Upon A Time…” By Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel


“The Tale of a Fairy” By Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel


“La Bella Estate” By Dolce & Gabbana


J’adore Dior by Dior



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