Fashion Photographer Krystal Nicole

When I first browsed through Krystal Nicole’s portfolio, all I could say was WOW. Fashion photography has to accomplish several goals in one shot.

1. Take an amazing, quality photo

2. Capture the best pose from the model

3. Focus on the item(s) intend to be portrayed in the photo

4. Make the photo stand out from the “crowd”

Krystal Nicole accomplishes all of these goals time and time again. With such amazing talent, I had to ask her how she got started in Fashion Photography. She replied

“I graduated college from Coppin State University in 2006 and took a 35mm photography course in College. It really opened my eyes to the world of photography. I started shooting digital photography when I moved to Houston, Texas in 2008. This is when I started fashion photography and connected with it because I enjoyed the limitless possibilities of creativity I could tap into. I literally just picked up a camera and started shooting. ”

She makes it sound so simple right? But, I am of the belief that people are born with talent, and with a little development, they can maximize their greatness. Krystal is a perfect example of that.


View more of Krystal’s work on her website

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