Fashion Illustration Artist Emily Suh

Emily Suh is a fellow Lucky Magazine Contributor and a talented artist. When I discovered her website Runway Doodles, I couldn’t stop looking though all the beauty she has created. I wanted to know more about her and her background. So, I asked her for an interview and she gladly accepted.
Me: How did you become interested in fashion illustration?
Emily: My love of fashion illustration actually had a pretty backwards start. In high school I was taking a fashion design course at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and my professor had me sketch my designs repeatedly, sometimes for up to 4 hours straight and would take away my eraser making me draw my ideas as quickly as possible. This led me to discover that I had been bitten by the illustration bug and couldn’t stop. I later then went on to take courses in figure drawing at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and then drawing through design courses at Parson’s School of Design.

Me: Tell us about your blog and why you started it?
Emily: I started my blog Runway Doodles, as a creative release for my love of fashion illustration. Through my work, I want to take readers on a journey on what inspires me about the fashion world; street style, fashion history and of course the high fashion runways. As an artist, documenting my creative process has always been very important to me and being able to share the process with my readers has been absolutely incredible!

Me: What are some of your favorite illustrations or types of illustrations to draw?
Emily: I’d have to say my favorite illustrations are ones that have the ability to capture the value of color and movement in relation to the product. As a fashion illustrator it’s my job to understand the beauty of decorating the human figure through materials and how our mood changes from outfit to outfit.

Me: Tell us about your personal style. What are some of the things you like to wear?
Emily: My personal style varies drastically depending on where I am living at the given time. When I’m back home in California I find myself feeling as if I’m a laid back, easy breezy gal and run back to my denim jeans, sundresses and delicate golden jewelry. However when I was living in Italy this year, I found myself favoring more classic feminine silhouettes with layered sweaters and embellished scarves. Now that I’m in Chicago I find myself sporting; leather skirts, patterned pants, shorter hair and minimal accessories. So in a nutshell, my style changes drastically and so do the styles in my illustrations.


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Check out just a few of her creations below

Parisian Perfect 10 SF jpg Philip Lim Suh NYC copy Tree

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