Expert Tips to Make Your Winter Outfits Look Pulled Together

Winter outfits involve a lot of layering, which can lead to some of our outfits looking less than flattering. We don’t want to look shapeless and boring, so making a winter outfit look pulled together is a must. These expert tips should help you!

Cinch at the Waist

To avoid looking bigger than we are, or worse: shapeless, you should always try to cinch at the waist. Buy a quality waist belt to ensure you can pull in jumpers and oversized tops/dresses when you need to, and try to find winter coats with belts attached. Some winter coats can make us look bigger, no matter how beautiful they are.

Cinching an Oversized Oscar de la Renta Sweater at the waist. Photo via my Instagram feed @mystyledaily

Cinching an oversized Oscar de la Renta sweater at the waist. Photo via my Instagram feed @mystyledaily

Wear a Girly Dress With Winter Staples

This is one of my favorite looks, as you don’t even need to buy anything new! Use one of your favorite summer dresses, if you like. Throw it on, then pair with your favorite winter staples to create a girly yet laid back look. You’ll probably need tights, boots, a beanie hat and a decent coat depending on the temperature. You can even consider layering a jumper over the dress for extra style points.

Brighten Up

Don’t look at winter as a time to dress in dark, dreary colors. Use your coat to brighten up your outfits instead! You can easily create a fun look just by throwing on a colorful coat. Try reds, greens, and orange for the perfect winter style. Pair with neutral colors such as beige, white, and black for a lovely look.

Ann Taylor Funnel Neck Coat

Faux Fur Fun

If you don’t own anything faux fur yet, you must be living under a rock. Faux fur is huge in the fashion world this year, and helps to add interest to an outfit. It can add a glamorous, luxurious feel to an outfit that would have looked otherwise plain.

Balancing it Out

Balance out your looks by making sure you don’t go too baggy or too tight. Wearing baggy clothes in winter can be very tempting, but it can also make you look sloppily dressed. You don’t want that, do you? Make sure that if you choose to wear an oversized jumper or top, you wear leggings or skinny jeans on the bottom. The rule should be reversed for tight tops too. This way you won’t look too trashy or undone.

Sally of

Sally of

All Black Everything

All black everything looks amazing when you do it properly. It will only ever look boring if you don’t make an effort to mix up your textures. You should try mixing patent, leather, faux fur, feathers, and denim for an interesting, luxurious look. Plus, black has the added benefit of always looking expensive and slimming!

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Don’t forget to sprinkle on your accessories after putting your look together. If you don’t, you’ll never look ‘pulled together’. Do you need a necklace? A watch? Assess what your outfit is missing and accessorize accordingly.

Never look undone again by using these tips whenever you pick an outfit.


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