Essential Hair Tools You Need In Your Life Now!

Having the right tools for the job is key to almost any trade or practical career. You wouldn’t ask your tree surgeon to feel and oak with a scalpel, or ask you heart specialist to do an operation with a chainsaw, would you? The same thing applies to getting the right tools for styling your hair. Below is a breakdown of the things you absolutely need in your life to get the best hair styles every time.


Backcomb brush

Ok, so for ages I was just using a comb to backcomb, the clue is in the name right? Well actually it’s wrong, a much better piece of kit of backcombing is the backcomb brush, available here. I got this tip from a friend of mine who always has perfect hair and she learned it when she used to work in hairdressers. The bristles and give you a much better purchase on the hair and enable you to get a lot more body into the roots. You can then use the end of the bristles to smooth the top down. The pointed end is perfect for sectioning your hair to backcomb or blow dry.


Hair Dryer

The next thing you will need to make sure that your hair always looks your best is a good quality hair dryer. If you are using a low power one or even a travel one at home, please stop! All you are doing is making the drying process longer and so you hair is being subjected to more wear and tear through styling. It’s much better to get a hotter drier and use a heat protection spray to minimize any damage. Before you make your choice, check out this guide to buying the best professional hair dryer before you part with your hard earned cash.


Curling Tongs

Another vital piece of equipment that you will need is a pair of curling tongs. These are perfect for giving you that glammed up curls look for a night out, or use a sea spray for an undone beachy look. You can curl your hair without heat by wrapping when it’s wet. But remember a heated product will ensure that the curl sets in a lasting way and will give you a better hold.


Bobby Pins

I just have to include bobby pins here as they are an essential for nearly every hairstyle. The kicker is that not many people actually use them properly. The flat side should face up, and the wavy edge should face against your scalp. This will help the hair hold in place much better that the other way around. Its also a good idea to dose your pins thoroughly with hairspray before putting them in, that way they will give you a rock hard hold throughout the day.


Round Vent Brush

Lastly to get that salon blowout finish at home you will need to team your hair after up with a metallic vent brush. The metal on the brush heats up and helps to shape your hair as you run in through. Remember to action your hair and pay particular attention to the crown for extra body and height.



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