Essential Exercises You Need To Do To Avoid Fat Build Up

Essential exercises


We all know that we need to eat the right diet to avoid weight gain. But there are times when you need to adjust your diet to suit the workouts you are doing. You might need more carbohydrates for running or protein for muscle bulk. The danger is that extra fats can get in your diet. While some fats are essential for good health, others like to cling to our tummies and hips.


There are several key exercises you can be doing to help avoid fat sitting in these places. Sit-ups are an excellent way to keep the stomach muscles and abdominals strong. We all need a healthy core and sit up reps go a long way to improving it. Strengthening these muscles helps increase the metabolism to burn off excess fat too.


Cardio work is also essential for burning off calories. If you find you have overindulged at mealtime, running is a great way to aid digestion and help your body fight the fat. You can also find supplements at that might help you prevent fat building up. A cross trainer can provide the cardio work you need as well as working the arms.


Our hips and buttocks are prone to accumulate excess fat. We need some in this area for a comfortable seat and pelvic protection. But too much can create postural problems and makes our body shape unattractive. To keep the tone and definition of this area, daily squats and kick-backs will work your glutes. This muscle can get large and firm. It is an easy one to build up too. A squat has the added benefit of strengthening and toning the thighs and knees too.


Pull-ups work the arms, shoulders and core muscles really well. Fat tends to build up on our upper arms as we move toward middle age. This exercise helps the arm to stay defined. An alternative way to tackle this kind of workout is to plank. If push-ups are too strenuous at first, then try holding the plank for thirty seconds. Increase the time over a few days.


Skipping or jump rope is a fabulous way to stay fit and strong. The bouncing action gets the heart pumping, so it makes for a very good aerobic activity. Best of all it strengthens your feet and ankles. The legs will also have some exercise with this one. As it is repetitive, it can be a good one for stress relief too. This helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol that can cause fat to stick around.


Swimming works the whole body and requires a special breathing technique that is good for combatting stress too. Gentle strokes are good for stretching out and building strength in a low-impact environment. Rapid styles increase your heart rate for a really great workout. Breaststroke can be done at any speed to suit you. It’s great for keeping the fat off legs, chest and arms.


All these exercises can contribute to improved fitness and weight loss. Best of all, they can help you maintain a good figure and keep the fat at bay. Choose a lean diet high in nutrition and low in calories for the best way to beat the fat.


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