‘Eco-comodating’ Homes

Each of us has a part to play in saving the planet, and there are many things that we can do to be more environmentally friendly. One of those things is to ensure that the homes we live in are as ‘eco-comidating’ as possible. Read on to find out how to do this.



Water is one of the earth’s resources that we use the most in our everyday lives. We need it for keeping ourselves and our clothes clean as well as prepping and cooking our food. But did you know it takes a great supply of energy to treat and clean water that we have in our homes? That is why is a good idea to preserve water where we can.




You can do this in a few simple ways. The first is to get any leaky faucets fixed. It is crazy how much clean water you can waste by ignoring leaks in either the house or garden! Depending on how you pay for your water this could reduce your bills as well.

Then there is gray water. This is water that has been used once for a basic purpose such as showering or washing clothes. Most people are happy to let this water drain away, but it is actually good for another turn.

Instead of letting it go down the drain, siphon it off and use it to water your plants and garden instead. Although, make sure you are aware of your State’s gray water laws, as it usually illegal to repurpose water in this way in some areas!



Another way in which you can make your home or environmentally friendly is to insulate it. Insulation help to keep your home a more constant temperature.

That means it keeps it cooler when it’s hot, and hotter when it’s cold. So you will need to use less energy adjusting the temperature through heating and aircon.

You can even get products like this eco friendly roof insulation, made from recycled materials. Which is a double win for the environment as it used stuff that would have just ended up in landfill anyway!



Using too much energy in our home directly relates to the burning of fossil fuels that are polluting the environment. But it can be hard to change your ways when you have been used to having all the lights and gadgets on in your home without a second thought.



But there are some small things that you can do that will help you to be a little more energy conscious around the home. For example, try using the energy saving modes when you put things like the TV on standby. You can also get a smart meter. Which will show you just how much power you’re using at any one time, and help you to identify whereabouts you can switch things off when they are not in use.



When you are trying to be environmentally friendly, the garden really is so useful. As there you can grow your own vegetables, and cut down on your carbon footprint.Or use your kitchen scraps as plant food in your compost heap, and put out a butt to save rainwater for your plants.


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