The It Dress

By Stylist Crystal Gardner of

I’ve been looking for more dresses that are basic, classic and dressy. I wanted something that was versatile for my internship, while great for going out, but still fun. In a nutshell something I can style the way I want with endless options. I found a winner when Rose Wholesale contacted me to review their online catalog. You might be thinking,”wholesale?” Yes, whole sale! I picked out the perfect dress while browsing the site; the letter print retro dress.

While shopping the site I quickly realized that you can get some great pieces at rock bottom prices and buy bulk. If you are looking to re-haul your closet, buy bulk gifts, buy like items for a team, show, event or a stylist building your closet, this is the way to go. Items average around $18 each. I filled my cart with 8 items for just $109.00. My cart included sweaters, shoes and dresses. Keep in mind it is a wholesale site so you will need to buy in bulk amounts for it to really work for you since shipping is calculated based on weight and international rates. I suggest using the expedited option to save money since Rose offers a discount. With this option my shipping cost was $69.99 and would arrive in 3-7 business days.

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Michale Kors Faux Fur Vest | Mossiomo Faux Leather Moto Jacket | Letter Print Sheath Dress | Tintoretta Floral Tights | Shiraleah Yellow Clutch | Steve Madden Booties |

Chloe & Isabel Earrings

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Letter Print Dress


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