Doze Designs: Making Over Your Bed

Luxury Bed

If you have spent time recently redecorating the kid’s bedrooms but haven’t thought about giving your own bedroom a change, or you can’t afford it (which is more likely), then how about giving your bed a stylistic change? The bed needs to be the focus of your bedroom, and it is the thing that takes up the most space, so why not invest in a few changes and make it stand out again? It doesn’t require investing in a new mattress, there are some smaller things you can do to really makeover your place of slumber to reinvigorate it and to give you the opportunity to have some better quality sleep with style!

Invest In A New Headboard

The difference a new headboard makes to the whole look and feel of the bedroom is quite a big one, for a new headboard choice will make your room bolder in aesthetic if you go for something that stands out a lot. The choice in headboard will say a lot about you, whether you go for the traditional look or contemporary styles. If you went for a Shea headboard with a dark colour, it gives your room an “edgy” feel. If you want to go retro in choice, the scalloped headboards in a light colour, such as beige will transport you back to a simpler time in time for bed. If you are still pining for the hipster aesthetic, invest in a bookcase headboard.

Change Your Linens

Simply going for new linen can make a big difference, not just to your style, but also to your sleep quality. If you are looking for classic bed sheets or bedspreads, or you are going a bit more lavish in your choices, you need to be looking for softer material. Comfort is the name of the game here! If you are unable to opt for a whole linen makeover, getting some bed scarfs is a cheaper way to give your bed some sass. They require very little maintenance, and you don’t even have to tidy them up, throwing them onto the bed in a haphazard way still looks great!

Get A Bed Bench

Not only is it a great way to spruce up the whole bed look, but it is such a handy bit of equipment! A bed bench can work as a footstool for you when putting on your shoes, you can use a bed bench as a place for storage, and it makes the bed look great. Bed benches come in many different styles, such as Hollywood Regency and French Empire, but if you are one with
nature, there are garden benches to choose from too. Adding a tufted bench to the foot of the bed with some acrylic legs goes very well with a scalloped headboard. Another contemporary approach is to use three cubes and place some material on top to form a bench, or you can use the design of the bench to highlight a pattern somewhere else in the room, such as the dresser, or the curtains.


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