DIY Pearl Manicure

Pearl Accent Manicure

I love great nail art especially when you can do it yourself! Take a look at my step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a pearl accent manicure of your own!

What You Will Need

Base Coat – I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Smooth & Strong Base Coat Clear

Polish – I used Sinful Colors Midnight Blue (only $1.99!)

Pearls – The pearls were a great find. I used scrapbooking stickers found in the paper crafting section of Micheal’s Craft Store. Find your local Micheal’s here or view a another great online option.

Top Coat – I used Seche Dry Fast Top Coat

Time To DIY

Now that all your products are in place, it’s time to begin!

1. Paint your nails with one coat of the base coat and let dry for one minute.

2. Now paint the first coat of your polish and let dry for one minute. As the first paint color is drying, decide which nails you want to accent. I don’t recommend your index finger or thumb on the hand you use most often; you’ll need those to apply the stickers to your nails.

3. Paint your second coat of polish. Before the polish dries, apply the stickers to your accent nails of choice. I chose to cover my accent nails as much as possible, but you can get creative! Do a pattern or just a couple pearls. It’ all about your style!

4. By the time you apply the pearl stickers, it’s time to apply the top coat. I highly recommend Seche Dry Fast Top Coat. It helps to prevent any nail color from chipping and helps your polish to dry super fast. I apply an additional coat of Seche to the accent nails to seal the pearls to the nail.

5. Enjoy your hip manicure!

Pearl Accent Manicure Pearl Accent Manicure

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