DIY Cuticle Cure

Here’s a thought: What’s the point of having a great manicure with ugly cuticles? Cracked and dry cuticles are not a good look! Here is a DIY Cuticle Cure to get those cuticle’s looking good in no time.

Step 1: Soak your cuticles in for 5 minutes in warm water

DIY Cuticle Cure Step 1

Step 2: Mix 3 tbsp of lotion and 1 tbsp olive oil then heat for 30 seconds

I used The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

DIY Cuticle Cure Step 2

Step 3: Rub the mixture on your cuticles & nail beds. Use an orange stick to push back your cuticles.

DIY Cuticle Cure Step 3

Once your cuticles are pushed back, wipe clean with a towel. You’re all set!


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