Designer Interview: Meredith Garrett of Signorelli

June 25, 2013 Uncategorized

For those of you who aren’t familiar, let me introduce you to Signorelli. Signorelli is a contemporary women’s graphic tee line based in LA. All of their tees, tanks, and sweaters are made in the US and available for under $100! One of my favorite things about the brand is their commitment to giving back to the community. A portion of every tee you buy, goes to support 8 amazing causes. You can read about the causes on the Signorelli Movement homepage. I had the opportunity to ask Signorelli designer Meredith Garrett a few questions to get to know her and the brand a little bit better.

Me: Tell me how you got your start in design?

Meredith: My love of art inspired me to start the line, but I have always been interested in fashion. I did not work for another clothing company before starting Signorelli in 2005. In 2003 I moved out to Los Angeles after writing a screenplay. My goal was to be a screen writer when one day while I was working at New Line Cinema I decided I would try to start a t-shirt collection. I read a lot of books, did my own research and taught myself by just getting out there and figuring it out.

Me: What do you enjoy most about designing for Signorelli?

Meredith: I enjoy the art direction process. I have a true love of art and love working with artists.

Me: I love that your company gives back! How did you choose your 8 causes?

Meredith: Our 8 causes come from our past collaborations. From 2005 to 2009 I donated back proceeds from the shirts to various charitable organizations such as: the Children’s Health Fund, Environmental Media Association, Defenders of Wildlife, Susan G. Komen, and many more. When starting my own foundation in 2009 I wanted to choose areas of need that we were already targeting and that I was familiar with. Since we covered so many different types of charitable organizations, I came up with 8 causes to target through our foundation, the Signorelli Movement Foundation.

Me: What’s next on the horizon for Signorelli? Do you think you will expand your offerings to more clothing and accessory items?

Meredith: Signorelli Inc has many divisions and brands under its umbrella such as: Signorelli kids, Signorelli University, Paper Hart, Transmission, and Recycled Karma. Our goal for the Signorelli brand specifically is to eventually expand the collection into woven separates.

Here are a few of my favorite Signorelli tees from the current collection


A special thanks to Meredith and Michele Marie PR.

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  1. Joe says:

    Meredith Garrett and Signorelli eventually went into default and creditors took. back over her company as Meredith left town an purchased 5 homes, some worth millions of dollars. Employees and students who worked part time lost all salaries owed as creditors Came in to cover up her fraud. She used websites like these to plant fake stories. She is a thief. Her day is coming.

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