Create A Beautiful And Functional Living Space With These Easy Steps

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a beautiful home when you have a busy family life. But even though the kids may keep making a mess, you deserve a living space that can be clean and quiet too. To create a functional living space that serves the needs of the children as well as the grown-ups is easier than you think. Try some of these tips to create a beautiful living area you’ll love to spend time in:



Hardwood floors are so beautiful. But they can mark, scuff, and be quite cold at times. Choose a finish for your floor that helps protect the wood from dropped toys. This also helps you to keep it clean with child-friendly steaming. A soft rug is perfect for the children to play on. And if pens and drinks are spilled, simply roll it up for cleaning, or replace it. A good quality rug will always be cheaper to replace than an entire carpet!

Wood Floors



A good living space should have access to an outside area. This might be a balcony for an apartment, or a patio area. The windows to the room should offer plenty of light and a beautiful view you want to stare at. You can dress your windows with blinds, drapes, or even voile panels. Shutters look incredibly elegant, and security shutters offer that extra level of safety for your family. Use window dressing to direct and shade the light into the room.



You may choose to have an accent wall in your family living space. This could be a vibrant cherry red or something more muted like a duck egg blue. You may prefer to accent a wall with art or wallpaper. Tribal prints and floral patterns create wonderful visual effects. You can then pick out a dominant color for your palette. The other walls may feature wall art, or be left simply for the light.

paint brushes



When you have children, you want furniture that can’t be damaged easily! Fabric sofas can stain quite easily sometimes. Why not try a leather suite instead? If this doesn’t appeal to you, soft throws can cover the sofas during the day. You can even swap them out in the evening for the grown-ups. This gives you the opportunity to alter your color palette too. Picking out a different tone or shade can help you make the transition from kids to grown-ups in just seconds.

Leather sofa



Most living spaces have a TV. With children in the house, you may prefer to wall-mount the TV, so it is out of their reach. Cables can be chased in the walls. Or you may prefer special cable hides that keep them out of the way of the children. A sound bar may be all the speakers you need. A surround system may take up more space than you can spare. As this is the family living area, consider having a decorative toy box in the corner to store some of the child’s favorite things.


Keeping a house neat and tidy is easier with practical storage solutions. With a family, you may also want to consider security and safety at home too. It’s easier than you think to create beautiful living spaces that are practical too.


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