Choosing Your Engagement Ring: Everything You Need To Know

You might be surprised to know that one in three women now are getting to choose their own wedding ring! We think these ladies are lucky as it means they get to pick something which is perfect for their style and look! After all, it’s a massive purchase your new fiance is purchasing, so there’s no point in him wasting his money on something you don’t like. After all, the average ring costs him over one month’s salary, so it needs to be right. However, choosing your own engagement ring is not as simple as you think. Here are some things you need to know to make the right choice.


Choose the right metal

One of the hardest decisions you will have to make when choosing your own engagement ring is what metal you want for the ring. You have a variety of metals to choose from with platinum, gold, and silver being the top choices. Platinum is often popular as it’s good for brides to be with sensitive skin. However, these tend to be more expensive so prepare to break the bank with this ring. When you go for gold, you could have white or even yellow gold as alternate choices to the traditional gold color. Whichever metal you go for, remember that it will need to look great next to your wedding ring. You might want to ask your partner what they will have for their wedding band. You both might want to go for white gold or platinum so that it looks great for the wedding pictures.


Don’t buy the first one you see

It’s easy to try one ring on and feel like it’s the perfect one. However, if you go for the first one you see, it might end up being the wrong decision. There may be another fantastic one in a different store that’s right for you. Therefore, shop around and try on a few so that you know for sure it’s the best ring for your finger!


Pick something that works for your style

It’s so important that you go for a ring which is perfect for your style. There’s no point going for something which might be unique but you might hate after a few years. Therefore, if you love simple and delicate, go for it. If you want something with a bright stone, then you should not worry about what people think. You could even consider getting a custom one made for you from brands similar to Tacori rings. That way, the ring is perfect and unique just to you.


Be careful with the budget

You can easily end up spending thousands of dollars on a perfect engagement ring for your finger. However, you need to consider how much your other half has to spend before making a purchase. If you end up spending a fortune, they may struggle to pay it back and you will regret your decision. Therefore, ask him for the budget before you go shopping, and put some money in yourself if it’s something you really want that he can’t afford!

And remember, once you have your ideal engagement ring, you can start planning your wedding ring for the big day!





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