Chic Dorm Room Style From PBDorm

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since I graduated high school and left home for college. Needless to say, dorm room style had definitely changed. I remember running around town trying to find all the things I think I needed to be ready to live apart from my parents. It was really my first stab at decorating on my own. If I could use a time machine to transport items from this years Pottery Barn Dorm collection back to 2001, Here is what I could take with me to achieve chic dorm room style.

All of these pieces can be found in the Dorm section of the Pottery Barn Website.


Getting Rest

Pottery Barn Dorm Sleep

My bedding set would be all about mixing modern and classic. The Cottage Stripe Duvet Cover (1), Cotton Blanket (3) and the monogram Suite Ribbon Pillow Cover (4) are all classic items that will never go out of style. Adding the lavender Mini Dot Sheet set and a couple of the Monogolian Fur Pillows give the bed a fun twist.


Staying Clean

Pottery Barn Dorm Stay Clean

I have compiled all the girly essentials for staying clean on campus. The Girls Classic Robe (1), Polka Dot Bath Towels(2) and the Mini Dot Bath Beauty Bin (3) are musts for everyday use. I also love the fact that you can get all three monogrammed so their is never a mistake which items are yours. I have been a shopping queen since my teens, so the Shopping Tomorrow Hamper with Cross-body Strap (4) would have been a perfect choice for me back in my college days. Lastly, to keep all your makeup and beauty essentials, the Ultimate Beauty Vanity (5) is a perfect pick. It has compartments for organization but it’s small enough to store in any dorm room.


Chic Decor

Pottery Barn Dorm Decorate

The Rockin’ Roller Desk Chair (1) is my favorite piece form the Pottery Barn Dorm collection. It’s a standout piece that all your college friends would love to sit on! To add a bit of personality, the Dress Frame Jewelry Holder (2) would make a great display. Adding the Wooden Eclectic Framed Pinboards (3) and the The Emily + Meritt Travelers Trunk (4) complete my chic dorm style!

 A special thanks to Pottery Barn Dorm for sponsoring today’s discussion!


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