Bridal Beauty Can Be Outside the Box

Today’s brides are looking to make a special impression with every aspect of their weddings. That’s also true when it comes to their personal look on the big day. Dresses, veils, and hairstyles are all unique in a way that perfectly reflects each bride and her personality. Right down to her makeup, the overall look can be unexpected and fresh when she walks down the aisle. Here’s a style that is glamorous and show-stopping, just as it should be for any bride.

Set the Foundation

Creating a clean palette that serves as a backdrop for dramatic color is the first step in achieving this bridal style. Here are the tools needed:

* Primer: A coat of primer goes on before anything else. It will help the makeup stay put through all the festivities.

* Concealer: Dark spots can be hidden with a concealer in a shade that’s a bit lighter than the base. Areas that are likely to need concealer are under the eyes and any large freckles or blemishes.

* Foundation: An airbrush foundation in the appropriate shade may be airbrushed on to create a flawless look. Check out TEMPTU’s foundation infographic for perfect makeup pairings.

Eye Magic

All eyes will be on the bride for the big day, so her eye makeup is worthy of attention. These are three elements to address:

* Shadow: For a dramatic look, she should choose a color a shade brighter than what she normally wears. For a more understated eye, she can stick with neutrals such as plum or chestnut. * Liner: Winged liner in black adds flair. She can augment it further with a row of false eyelashes.

* Mascara: Waterproof versions are best in black or black-brown.

Cheeks and Lips

With all the hugging the bride is likely to do during the reception, she needs to be certain her cheeks are up to the task. No one wants to leave a pink smear on anyone’s shoulder. Here’s how to get a natural look:

* Airbrush blush: No makeup brush can present the perfectly flushed appearance that an airbrush can. A soft peach color is best on the apples of the cheeks.

* Line the lips: Brides can prepare their lips for a long day with a liner in a shade that matches their lipstick.

* Bright lip color: For a dramatic bridal look, a bright stain applied it with a lip brush can last for hours.

Finishing Touches

Because brides want their makeup to last through countless photographs, embraces, and whirls around the dance floor, it’s vital to finish off the look the right way. These are the necessary tools:

* Bronzer: Particularly in the summer time, a touch of bronzer on the cheek bone and above the brow can add a glowing look.

* Set it all: A light layer of powder will set all the elements of the makeup. * Maintenance: For those who are prone to oiliness, blotting papers should be available for quick touchups.

Few occasions are more worthy of a dramatic makeup look than a wedding day. These simple tips can make the process effortless and have any bride ready for a day full of photographs and dancing.


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