Brand to Love: Bené Customized Scarves

A great scarf can make a simple outfit pop and is one of those accessories you wear over and over again. I am excited to introduce you to a new scarf brand that I love called Bené. Bené offers customized scarves that are fun, affordable and contribute to an amazing cause. To give you a little background on the company, Bené was inspired by a trip to Ghana in 2011 and was ultimately founded in 2013 by Michelle Blue and Sasha Matthews. Each purchase directly benefits girls in Ghana who would otherwise not enjoy the opportunity to receive education needed to improve their lives, their families lives nor be able to make a contribution to their country.

“We enjoy helping others and love being fashionable yet comfortable in our ownskin. We believe that every girl should have access to an education, despite where they were born. We believe that we can do our part in providing a hope and a future in the girls lives we support,” says Co-Founders Michelle Blue and Sasha Matthews.


To build your own customized scarf, you start by choosing from 5 different styles. Notice in the upper right corner, you get a message that says “You just made a decision to educate and empower a young girl!” Love that!



Next, choose your pattern. each pattern is tied to one of the 5 girls Bené is hoping to educate for 2014. Beautiful, vibrant colors that are perfect to adding a pop of color to your look.


Last, choose your trim. Fringe is a huge trend right now and I love that they offer it as an option. You can also choose beads, pom poms or just hemmed.


Lastly, you place your order and wait for your new scarf in the mail!

Bené’s 2014 commitment is to provide at least 5 girls with a year’s worth of education- this includes supplies, uniforms, travel expenses, tuition and more. Help them reach their goal by shopping the collection now! This is a purchase you can feel good about!

Tell your friends about Bené to further help them reach their goal to educate girls in Ghana by sharing this post on social media! Together, we can do it!

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