Boost Your Energy in 30 Days

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With modern day life becoming more and more demanding one of the increasingly common problems we are suffering from is low energy. Feeling lethargic and tired is a problem that many of us suffer from on a day to day basis and it can play havoc with our lifestyle, happiness and overall wellbeing. So here are our top tips on fighting fatigue and boosting your energy levels within 30 days.

Diet & Exercise

When we are feeling lethargic one of the last things we can feel like doing is exercise. However it has been scientifically proven that regular exercise can actually boost your energy levels by up to 20%. It is important however to start any new exercise regime, slowly and carefully and build yourself up, over time. So try starting with a 10 minute light jog, 30 minutes of yoga or a little light resistance training to start you off and then build yourself up to bigger goals.

Diet is just as important as being active as what we put into our bodies has an enormous impact on how energetic and well we feel. To pick a diet plan that suits your routine and lifestyle takes time and again, should be carefully planned over time. By starting to add more green leaf vegetables rich in zinc and iron, essential omega 3 oils through fish such as salmon and mackerel and increasing your levels of healthy fat through nuts, avocados and olive oil, your body will begin to feel stronger and more powerful over time. Cutting out processed foods and junk foods will help prevent that sluggish and bloated feeling that can contribute to high levels of lethargy, so begin planning your new diet plan and research the top foods you should be consuming to have you fighting fit in no time at all.

Improve Your Sleeping Routine

Scientific research has revealed that we should be creating stricter sleeping routines to train our bodies to fall asleep easier and wake up quicker. By going to bed the same time every night we are setting a schedule for our bodies so that they can better understand what is expected of them, so they can respond more effectively. By going to bed at the same time every night our bodies become accustomed to a natural sleep pattern, meaning we drift off easier, enjoy a deeper sleep so our quality of sleep is significantly improved.


Research has also revealed that we should also should quit our beloved snooze buttons. Apparently the use of our snooze button is damaging the way we wake up in the morning and is therefore affecting our subsequent energy levels throughout the day. As we wake up, cortisol is released into the brain. That hormone is there to help us wake up and start the day. The more times we press snooze, the more that hormone decreases, so by the time we actually get out of bed, we have depleted our cortisol levels, and we are then, essentially on our own. So getting out of the snooze routine means that we can start the day with all the tools are body provides us with to get the day started just as nature intended.



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