Belk Fall 2015 Look Book

Fall is so close you can almost taste it! For most of us in the south, its still super hot, however its NEVER to early to start planning and shopping for your fall wardrobe. Key trends this season include clean lines, strong street style influence and country chic. I personally cant not wait to get my hands on a cozy blanket scarf or jacket and rock my fur vest and fur clutch. My friends over at Belk have put together a comprehensive to fall trends to make your shopping much easier. View the look book below and shop the looks via


Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_01 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_02 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_03 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_04 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_05 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_06 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_07 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_09 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_10 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_11 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_12 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_13 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_14 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_15 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_16 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_17 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_18 Belk2015FallFashionPreview-Rev1_Page_19



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