Behind the Lens: An Interview With My Photographer

Joshua Sherrill


One of the great things I love about doing My Style Daily is working with my husband and photographer Joshua Sherrill. Besides being a senior photographer for a well-known design firm, he also has his own photography business called IamJOS. He loves capturing special moments at events, photographing beautiful portraits and of course, taking pictures of all things My Style Daily. One night, as we were relaxing at home, I asked him a few questions about photography and working with me.


Me: What has been your favorite My Style Daily shoot?

Josh: Probably between 3; Shades of Grey, Fall Into It!, and Two Pair of Boots Worn Three Ways

Me: What do you like best about us working together?

Josh: The different places that we go. It’s not always the same thing; It’s something new every time.

Me: When did you know you had a gift in photography?

Josh: When I was in college, as an art major, I loved all mediums of art, but photography was instant gratification.

Me: Name one tip to help people take better pictures?

Josh: Don’t force it and find the light.

Me: That’s two tips! Do you have any new years resolutions you want to share?

Josh: Cover more events and get more people in front of the camera.

Me: Sounds good to me


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