Beauty Review: The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream

My faithful followers know that I am passionate about good skincare, and when products include natural ingredients to bring out the best in my skin, that excites me even more! The Jojoba Company, founded in 2008 by Ian Turner and daughter Vicki Engsall, is a line of skincare products that utilize the skin health benefits of 100% natural Australian jojoba. The Australian jojoba plant is known for a variety of amazing skin benefits including powerful antioxidants, Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, D and E.

“Why subject your skin to chemical preservatives and synthetic ingredients when you could use a natural alternative that is good for your skin. We all avoid eating, drinking or inhaling chemical preservatives and synthetic foods, why would you risk ingesting them in to your skin. The Jojoba Company’s skincare range is naturally good for your skin as well as the earth.” Vicki Engsall

Hydrating Day Cream from Australia’s The Jojoba CompanySince I was desperately in need of a new day moisturizer, I decided to try the Hydrating Day Cream. In addition to Australian jojoba, the cream is enriched with green tea, olive leaf extracts and skin calming chamomile. It sounded delightful! After cleansing and gently patting my face dry, I applied two pumps to the palm of my hand, spread evenly, then worked the cream into my face and neck. I loved the awakening and refreshing scent! After I finished applying the cream, my skin immediately felt hydrated, but without that oily or greasy feeling; the hydration was very natural and the cream just melted into my skin! After using it for a week, my skin feels overall more hydrated. With moisturizers I have used in the past, by the end of the day, my skin felt dry. My result was very different with the Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream; even after I have had it on all day, the moisture level never faded. One of my favorite features of the cream is that it works for all skin types!

The Jojoba Company is more that just day cream. Check out their full line of amazing products!

You can also watch this short video about the jojoba plant and how it benefits the skin.




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