Beat The Heat Without Spending Fortune

Everybody loves the sun right? There is nothing better than hot days spent by the beach or in the pool. But when it’s you home that is hot, and there is no way to escape it can be pretty horrible. That is why you need to find some ways of beating the heat, that also don’t break the bank. Read on to find out more.


Air con – it is a con?

Obviously, most folks consider getting an air con unit when they want a way to cool their house down. But not only are these expensive to install but also to run. Just think of all of the electricity that they use to convert that hot air to a nice cooling breeze. That is why if money is a big concern it’s better to steer clear of this option unless it’s a last resort. Instead, consider ceiling fans and the other methods below to keep your home cool and pleasant in the heat.


Think about your bedroom

Ok, so you’re probably not thinking too much about your sheets and how hot your home is. But actually, they can make a massive difference to the temperature you perceive it to be while you are in bed. Too many people have the same duvets tog, and types of sheets all year round. But this isn’t energy efficient in the winter, and it’s not going to keep you cool in the summer either. So swap out that winter duvet for one with a lower tog, and use seersucker light cotton sheets for a cool and summer bedroom.


Get UV film

Another problem that a lot of homeowners come across is dealing with all of the window in their home and how that effect the heat levels. Of course, no one wants to live inside a concrete box with no windows. But the more you have, the more sunlight, and so heat gets in. That is why it’s a good idea to keep the curtains closed as much as possible in the summer. Or if you just can’t bear to block out the daylight, use a product like a UV glass tint from companies Premier Tint. Which is designed to reflect the sunlight back out of the room and so keep it a lot more temperate.


Eat and cook alfresco

One thing you are sure to do in the heat is cook outside. But did you know that this is a great way of keeping your home cooler too? Well, it makes sense as you are not getting the residual heat from the cooker in the kitchen to deal with. So now you always have the perfect excuse for an outdoor BBQ!


Cool yourself not the room


Of course, it may be that you just need to change your perspective on what you should be cooling. Here you are putting all of that effort into cooling the home and the individual room that you are in. But maybe it would be better to focus on cooling yourself? That means going for a cool and refreshing shower. Eating something cold like ice cream or granita. Or even changing your outfit to something made from linen which will help you to remain comfortable in the heat.



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