Balmain Resort 2016

You have got to give it to designer Olivier Rousteing; he is young, talented and KNOWS how to make a woman feel sexy. His latest collection is by far my favorite he has done so far in his 4 years as Balmain creative director. Balmain Resort 2016 feels like I am peeking into the future of fashion while at the same time reminiscing on the past. It’s 100% modern city girl and I love every inch of it! View the full collection below.

Balmain-Resort-2016-31 Balmain-Resort-2016-30 Balmain-Resort-2016-29 Balmain-Resort-2016-28 Balmain-Resort-2016-27 Balmain-Resort-2016-26 Balmain-Resort-2016-25 Balmain-Resort-2016-24 Balmain-Resort-2016-23 Balmain-Resort-2016-22 Balmain-Resort-2016-21 Balmain-Resort-2016-20 Balmain-Resort-2016-19 Balmain-Resort-2016-18 Balmain-Resort-2016-17 Balmain-Resort-2016-16 Balmain-Resort-2016-15 Balmain-Resort-2016-14 Balmain-Resort-2016-13 Balmain-Resort-2016-11 Balmain-Resort-2016-10 Balmain-Resort-2016-8 Balmain-Resort-2016-7 Balmain-Resort-2016-6 Balmain-Resort-2016-5 Balmain-Resort-2016-4 Balmain-Resort-2016-3 Balmain-Resort-2016-1 Balmain-Resort-2016-9


Photos Courtesy of Balmain

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