Advice on Working With Brands

It’s hard for me to believe that I have been blogging for 4 years! I cant even begin to count the many wonderful brands I have had the opportunity to collaborate with. Needless to say, over these past few years, experiences have taught me a few things about working with brands. One of my favorite brand partnership sites, Collectively, is giving one of their blogger partners the opportunity to attend the ALT Summit in Salt Lake City next month and they wanted to hear our thoughts on brand collaborations. Once I gave the questions some thought and typed my answers, I thought it would be great to share with my fellow bloggers who might be a bit newer to working with brands. Obviously the answers can vary based on perspective and experience, but hopefully my thoughts on the subject will give newcomers some good insight. Enjoy!

Tips on Working With Brands

Q1: What is the most important question you ask yourself when considering participating in a brand collaboration?

Answer: The first thing I ask myself is how I can bridge the gap between what my readers love and what the brand has to offer. That can range from showing them how to incorporate the product into their life in a new way or introducing them to a new brand or product. When working with a brad, I also love to include personal photography. So, I begin to think about photo shoot options that would be visually appealing to my audience. I also evaluate my level of excitement about the potential collaboration; if I am excited to share it with my readers that will manifest in the writing and the photography.


Q2: What piece of advice would you provide to a new blogger who’s interested in working with brands?

Answer: Brands are attracted to bloggers who have a positive social presence, consistent posting schedule and an established and growing audience. It’s not necessarily about the amount of followers you have, but more about how they interact with you on your blog and social media. Second, I would say take time to ensure that the appearance of your website is as professional as possible. In my experience, brands love working with bloggers whose sites have a crisp presentation and use quality imagery. Last I would say that remember when working with a brand, collaboration is key. Don’t get side-tracked by solely focusing on the compensation you will receive, but also about how you can create excitement about the brand to your readers.


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