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To put it simply, MyStyleDaily is style inspiration. From fashion to lifestyle, the site covers all the topics necessary to fill your life with style. Life is short, enjoy it with STYLE.

Fashion has such a special place in my heart that I decided to obtain a BFA in Fashion Marketing from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. My personal style is to mix vintage pieces with current trends and modern design. When I am not blogging, I am spending time with my husband of 7 years and my 5 year old daughter.




10 Things About Me

1. Favorite Album Right Now: Frank Ocean’s Blond

2. The number one thing on my bucket list is to travel to Iceland.

3. My favorite movie is really 6 movies, but one story: Star Wars. Favorite character is C-3PO. No one in the galaxy is dressed better than him.

4. My Favorite TV shows are Empire, Odd Mom Out and Project Runway. I live tweet them every week. #ShamelessPlug

5. Honestly, a quality that people admire most about me is my honesty.

6. My weekends are usually dedicated to my family and my church. I spend quality time with my husband and daughter on Saturday’s. On Sunday’s we attend church together then hang out with family and friends. Sunday night, it’s back to blog writing and relaxing before the new work week begins.

7. Pinterest and Instagram tie as the biggest time wasters of my day.

8. My go to outfit is something that’s clean and odd.

9. Marc Jacobs is, without question, my favorite designer.

10. As for fashion magazines, I read Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle. I am not a fan of American Vogue; never forget they put Kim and Kanye on the cover. Plus, Harper’s Bazaar is America’s first fashion magazine and lunched in 1867. Vogue was launched in 1892.

Enjoy the site and email me if you have any questions!


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