A Little New Year’s Eve Glitz


I know that a lot of you are busily preparing for Christmas. So, I was tempted to write an article about that subject.

But, I decided to jump ahead a bit and talk about getting yourself ready for New Year’s Eve, instead. It is an important event, for which it is worth taking a little extra time to prepare.

Beginning to put together your special outfit now, makes a lot of sense. Doing this, gives you the time you need to put together something that will be absolutely perfect. Rather than, leaving yourself with no choice but to rush around and do everything at the last minute. That is a sure-fire way to end up wearing an outfit that you are not 100% happy wearing.

Try shopping online for your outfit

Finding a beautiful dress, suit or other type of outfit is not hard to do, especially if you shop online. There are plenty of options available. For example, the Simply Be range of partywear includes over 250 different dresses and hundreds of accessories, trousers, jackets and other items.

For a New Year’s Eve celebration you will want to wear something really special. A nice shimmery dress would look wonderful. This year, sequins are a big trend. They are widely available in beautiful, rich greens, reds and blues. Perfect for a special celebration. If you think you will feel too self-conscious wearing a dress like that, consider buying a plain one and wearing it with a shiny or trimmed jacket, instead.

Another option is to skip the sequins and go for one of this year’s detailed little black dresses. These are very classy and sophisticated.

Buy an outfit that you can wear for several events

Before going shopping for your outfit, take a few minutes to think about the type of party you will be attending. You want to blend in with everyone else and wear something that is appropriate for the venue.

It makes sense to buy something that you can wear more than once. For example, instead of opting to wear a dress you could buy a nice pair of trousers and a couple of party tops, instead.

Finishing off your outfit

For a special event, it is well worth spending a little extra money and treating yourself to some nice costume jewellery. This article that I wrote not so long ago, will help you to work out which items you need and choose something that is appropriate. Generally speaking, for a New Year’s Eve party you will want something that is big, bold and shiny.

A handbag

Naturally, you will also need a handbag. For a party, a small one is usually the best option. It just needs to be big enough to hold your phone, cash, cards and a few items of makeup.

The right shoes

When you choose your shoes, or maybe, boots, make sure that they are low enough to allow you to enjoy a dance. It makes sense to buy them a couple of weeks before the party. This will give you enough time to wear them in properly, so that they do not make your feet ache, or worse, bleed. If you do need to wear your shoes in fast, you can learn how to do it here


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