A Killer Guide To Decorating With Accessories

There is no doubt that accessories are the perfect way to supplement a style. In fact, they complement any style. However, it isn’t as easy as buying a bucket full and scattering them around the house. Accessorizing is an art that lots of homeowners simply don’t know how to exploit, and that’s a pity. If you’re one of these people, it’s time to get to grips with accessories. It isn’t easy, but it is possible if you check out the following tips. Are you ready? Good, let’s go!


Be Seasonal

The seasons change every three months, yet your house might stay the same. Clearly, this isn’t good as some accessories will look out of place. After all, spring accessories just don’t suit a winter style. The trick, then, is to change with the seasons. Now is spring, but summer is on the way, so preparing for it is a great option. How do you do it? Well, adding accessories with lighter tones is always a good first step because there is more sunlight. Also, don’t be scared of utilizing knickknacks that remind you of the summer time, like plants and flowers or scents and smells.

Bring The Outside Inside

Normally, you would think that the outside belongs firmly outside. Let’s face it – outdoor features are mucky and smelly. As a result, they don’t usually fit in well when you bring them indoors. But, there are anomalies to every rule. If you choose wisely, outside accessories can fit in perfectly and add a real sense of originality. The clear choice is a plant or flower because they are the main suspects. However, there’s no need to stop there if you’re willing to be bold. For example, there is nothing wrong with using garden furniture if it’s clean. For one thing, it’s bulky and practical, yet it’s also rustic.

The Small Stuff

All the little things have a massive impact. Sometimes, this motto is hard to accept because the big features are so dominating and appealing. But, if you can look past this, you will be able to see the forest for the trees. Large items are necessary, but they need smaller accessories to help offset the style. And, the better the quality means the better the result. Do you have a sofa? Sure you do, so why not add trendy Versace cushions to top off the look? The same goes for the bed, too, as throw pillows are a nice contrast.


Add Character

Finally, always make sure that whatever you pick adds character to the room. And that doesn’t mean any character. Your house should reflect the homeowner, which is why the accessories need to be personal to you. Musicians, for instance, like to use musical instruments to decorate rooms. Some even print off lyrics, frame them, and put them on the wall. Travelers, on the other hand, incorporate bits and pieces from their travels.


All you have to do is figure out your personality and fit the accessories to your style. Once you do that, your home will imbue your style and persona.


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