6 Misconceptions About Acne You Should Avoid

Acne is a common problem that many people experience. Both men and women deal with it, and it can be upsetting in several ways. As well as dealing with it physically, people can find their self-confidence is affected. Unfortunately, acne has a number of myths surrounding it. It’s not just people who don’t get acne who fall for the misconceptions, but people who have it too. Ideally, you should speak to a dermatologist about your acne. They can explain it to you and help you find the right treatment. If you want to learn more about acne, make sure you don’t fall for these myths.


Only Teenagers Get Acne

Many people think that acne is something that only teenagers get. There are lots of stereotypes about spotty teenagers. However, acne can affect people of all ages. You can experience it long past puberty, and some children can even get it before then. It’s a genetic and hormonal problem, so it’s not really to do with your age. Teenagers tend to get it because they have a rush of hormones that can make acne raise its head. Acne clears up for many people in their 20s, but older people often have it too.


Washing Your Face More Helps

Some people believe that acne is a hygiene issue. They think that if you wash you face more, it can help to keep acne away. Washing your face will keep dirt away, which is good. However, washing it too much can cause dryness and irritation. Acne is down to hormones and genetics, not cleanliness. You should avoid washing your face more than twice a day to keep your skin healthy. You might want to use a special acne face scrub or wash to keep your skin balanced. Try some different products to see what you can use without worsening your acne.


Squeezing Spots Will Help Them Heal Faster

It’s very tempting to squeeze a pimple. You feel like if you get the puss out it will start to heal. However, it’s a bad idea to touch them. For one thing, you’ll get the oil from your hands all over your face. Popping a spot also means that spread bacteria from them and possibly allow dirt to get inside them. If you can’t resist the urge to squeeze, the pimples might come back worse. If you find it difficult not to touch them, find something else to do with your hands.


Acne Is Only Cosmetic

Some people see acne as being a purely cosmetic problem. They assume it will go away on their own, and in the meantime, they can cover it up or ignore it. But it’s actually a medical issue that you should address with your doctor. Not everyone needs to take medication, but it can help many people. Medication can help to control the hormones can cause acne and clear up your skin. A lot of people want to try out natural remedies first, but your dermatologist is likely to recommend medication instead.


You Can Stop Taking Acne Medication When It Gets Better

This misconception happens with many medications, not just ones for acne. People believe that because things have got better, they can stop taking their medication. But the medication doesn’t just help to clear up the problem. It also stops it from coming back. So if you stop taking the medication you have been prescribed, you could just end up suffering from acne again. If you’re prescribed acne medication, make sure you continue to take it until your dermatologist says otherwise.



Sunshine Will Clear Your Acne

People are often full of advice about how to clear up your acne. One thing you might here is that the sunshine will help to get rid of it. This is partially true, as the sun could help your acne a little. However, it only does it for a short period because it dries out your skin. Going out in the sun can’t cure your acne, and it’s also bad for your skin to do it too much. It’s much better to protect your skin from the sun, using clothing, sunscreen and other types of protection.


People with Acne Shouldn’t Wear Makeup

This myth is also partially true, although not completely. If you have particularly severe acne, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing makeup. Otherwise, it’s safe to wear as long as you use the right products. You can find makeup that’s suitable for people with acne.


If you have to deal with acne, make sure you’re educated about it. You can handle it much better if you know all about it.


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