Take It Off! The 6 Best Makeup Removers You Can Buy

Makeup application can vary among us ladies. Some of us like to put on just a little for a more natural look while others have a 21 step routine that they must do before even thinking of leaving the house. Wherever you fall in the range, the most important thing we all can do is make sure we remove all our makeup each night. Remember that episode of The Drs when they showed a video of a woman who didn’t wash her makeup off for a month?

Best Makeup Removers

Of course none of us will go 30 days without washing our makeup off, but even one night can make a difference. How many of you have noticed pimples popping up from not fully removing your makeup the night before?

Cleansing alone won’t do the trick. Its important to have a product in your beauty routine that is solely dedicated to makeup removing. Once your makeup is fully off, you can then proceed with cleansing, toning, treating and moisturizing. While there are literally over 200 makeup removing products on the market, I have narrowed the pool down to 6 tried and true removers that will easily remove even the most stubborn makeup.

Best Makeup Removers


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