5 Ways To Stay Active This Winter

As the fall season slowly moves into winter, there’s a good chance – if you’re anything like me – that your fitness goes right out of the window. I mean, who wants to go jogging when there’s cold rain, slush and Jack Frost nipping at more than your nose out there? And, in a way, I suppose all that extra padding might go a long way towards keeping you warm through the freezing season.

But – it doesn’t have to be like this. There are many ways of making sure that you keep active and healthy, even if you do forego your daily jog. Today, I’m going to share some ideas I have had recently that, hopefully, will keep me on top of my fitness throughout fall and winter. With any luck, they will help me find it a lot easier to start the new year in reasonable shape for a detox. Especially when you consider the many feasts that occur during this period. Yes, I’m talking about you, Mr Thanksgiving and Mrs Christmas. You both have a lot to answer for.


Anyway, here are some of the ideas that are going to make up the majority of my ‘stay active’ plan. I hope they can inspire you to do something similar!


The home workout

I get why home workout DVDs are so popular around the Christmas period. But surely by then it’s too late? With those extra pounds you are carrying, it just makes things a lot harder for you. So, instead of waiting until the new year and all the resolutions I usually break within a week, I’m getting a head start. Meet T-25. It’s 25-minute exercises you do six days a week, and it’s very tempting. I find that in winter, the less time you spend working out, the better. So these super short – but super intense – exercises are just about perfect for me.


The winter sport

Now, this is only likely if I win the lottery, due to the immense costs involved with doing winter sports regularly. But we can all dream, right? I love to ski, and if I had the money I would be doing it every other week. Now, of course, the costs are prohibitive. But, as any activity done in snowy conditions burns off a lot more calories, it makes me a lot more enthusiastic about things when the weather turns. Even if I get a good pair of snowshoes and head out for a long stomp, it will be better than sitting at home and gorging on Christmas snacks.


Ice skating fun

As soon as the weather turns, ice rinks become an awesome idea. They are great fun, and you burn something like 450 calories an hour. That’s almost a whole meal’s worth! The best thing is that if you go with friends, you will barely notice the work you are doing, and you will have an absolute blast. I’m trying to find somewhere local that runs an ice rink disco – I can’t think of a better way to burn off your winter body fat than ice skating and dancing. If you know of anything going on, let me know!


The selfish gift

I know what my partner’s getting this year. It’s a little naughty of me, I know. Do you know about experience days? Well, I’m trying to build up the guts to get one of those, and perhaps maybe one for myself, too. I like the idea of doing something active together, so I’m slowly winning myself over. I guess if you are buying for a partner, as long as you choose something he/she would love to do, it’s OK to invite yourself along, too! Have a look at these gift ideas for men if you want to see what I’m talking about. I’m thinking a nice adventure experience and a trip away in the early months of next year. And, of course, it’s the fitness side of things I’m going to be using as an excuse!


The team sport

One thing I know about team sports is that you have to be dedicated. If you don’t turn up, you are going to let your teammates down. So, no matter how cold it is outside, or how cozy you are inside, you have just got to get up, out, and away. The question is, which sport to take up? I guess I would like to do something indoors so that the weather won’t interrupt my progress. Indoor volleyball, maybe? Or perhaps basketball or dodgeball? If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you!


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