5 Tips To Make You Feel That Little Bit Happier

I truly believe that no matter what size or shape you are, you deserve to be happy. Being a blogger has given me a significant confidence boost, as I have realized that there is no normal size or shape, and my figure does not define me.

Many curvy girls struggle when it comes to staying happy and positive, but this shouldn’t be the case. We only get one chance at life, and it is so important to live it. This is something that I thought about a lot on my recent travels, as well as how we can all be that little bit happier.

To help you feel happier, I thought I would put together a simple guide, containing my top five tips.


  1. Wear makeup every day


I am all for bare-faced beauty, but I often find that when I don’t have my makeup on, I feel less positive about myself. Painting my face with all of my fave products boosts my confidence, as I know that I look polished and presentable.


If you are struggling with being positive about how you look, try wearing makeup every day for a week. Trust me, even if it’s just some BB cream or tinted moisturiser and a little eye makeup, you’ll feel fabulous by the end of the seven days. Your self-esteem will be through the roof, and so will your happiness.


  1. Know what you love about yourself


Far too many of us girls couldn’t name the things that we love about ourselves, and we should be able to. Happier people have better body confidence; they love their bodies for what they are.


If you want to boost your happiness, write a list of why your body is incredible. Whether you love your curvy hips, high cheek bones or big beautiful eyes, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you have something that you love about your body, that’s all that’s important.


  1. Make life fun


Positive people are happier people – no matter what life throws at them, they always find a way to smile. The key to being a more positive person is having fun. Spend the day at your favorite theme park. Take a trip. Go for a fancy lunch with the girls. Find ways to make life more interesting, and soon enough, you will have a smile on your face.


Don’t be afraid to try new things, if you fancy trying yoga or Zumba, take a class. If you want to learn to cook, take the plunge. Travel to new places, meet new people, and make new friends. If your life is full of fun, you’ll be a much happier person.


  1. Perfect your flaws


If there is something about your appearance that you can’t get past, don’t live with it. Like I’ve said above, confident people are happy people. So if there is something that you don’t like about yourself, change it.


While it’s important to learn to love the body that you have, sometimes there are things that we just can’t get past. For instance, if you have always disliked the size of your nose or shape of your lips, there is no shame in considering surgery.


Just make sure that if you do choose to get treatment, that you do as Dr Wong Vaser Surgeon says, and choose a good clinic. If you opt for a cosmetic procedure, the last thing you want is to regret it, that’s why having a good doctor is an absolute must.


  1. Don’t treat yourself to junk food


Far too many of us ladies treat ourselves to junk food when we are feeling a little down. The pleasure lasts for a minute or two, but then we are left with feelings of guilt, instantly making our bad mood worse.


If you are feeling a little blue, get out of the house and go for a nice long walk. Call up the girls and arrange to meet for a coffee and a chat. Plan a fun night out with your closest friends. Go out for a delicious meal with your boyfriend. There are so many simple ways that you can boost your mood when you are feeling down, without touching any junk.


No one is happy all the time, but if you follow these five tips, you can ensure that most of the time, you’ve got a smile on your face.


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