5 Essentials to Carry in Your Handbag Over Summer

Now that summer is here, there are certain things that you need to have with you, am I right? Summer just isn’t summer without having a few essentials in your bag, to help you with the heat. Here are some things that you just need to have in your bag over the summer months.



You pretty much need to have water with you at all times. Not only will it help to keep you hydrated in the heat, but it helps you to feel energized too. Your body is made up of a lot of water, so it only makes sense that you need a lot of water to function right. Drinking a lot of water can help your skin look good too. You sweat more in summer, and your skin can become dry. Drinking plenty of water is like moisturizing your skin from the inside out.



This goes without saying, doesn’t it? You need sunglasses in your life over summer. They can compliment your outfit as well as being used in a practical way. They, of course, help to protect your eyes from UV rays, first and foremost. As a secondary result, you get to protect your skin and help to protect from wrinkles. If you are out and about, and the sun is shining bright, it can mean you are squinting. Doing that a lot can lead to wrinkles around your eyes. Instantly eliminated with the use of sunglasses. So choose a stylish pair, like some of the styles from Minkpink. Pop them in your bag and you’ll be sorted for the summer.




How important is sunscreen over summer? It is important all year round, but especially when the UV rays are their strongest. It should be applied on your face and neck as regularly as you can. Getting sunburn can be painful and harmful in the long term. It can lead to things like sun damage that can lead to skin cancer. So it is best to take care and avoid it in the first place. A lot of foundations contain an SPF, so that is important to check. Often they aren’t strong enough, though. You might need more like a factor 30 or 50, rather than 15.



You never know what you might get up to over summer, so having some wipes handy is always a good idea. You might stop off for an ice cream and need to clean up when it starts to melt. Plus, you might just get a little sweaty and shiny and need to wipe your face. Using something like a handkerchief is not a hygienic option. Wipes all the way!



Okay, so this might not be classed as an essential. But it is pretty important to have with you. Being able to capture some fun moments on your days out is great. You can share on social media or just record in a scrapbook. Summer is one of the best times for spontaneous adventures, so make sure that you capture them all on camera!


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