The 3,000 Square Foot Closet You Have To See To Believe

8/2/14 Update

Sadly, Theresa Roemer’s closet has been robbed. According to news channel KHOU, the burglar took three Birkin travel bags worth $60,000 a piece and filled each of them up with jewelry including all of her Rolex watches, Cartier watches and Chanel watches. Theresa estimates the total value of goods stolen was worth 1 million dollars. All this happened while Theresa and her husband had gone out to dinner around 9:30 p.m. This is no “fly by the moment” robbery. The suspect used a glass cutter and patio umbrella to break into a downstairs bathroom. Without hesitation, he headed straight for her closet. In an interview with the news station, Theresa tearfully expresses what she is most distraught over loosing, “He took heirloom items that were passed to me from my husband’s mother that has passed away. I mean I don’t care about all this crap. I really don’t care about this crap. I care about the stuff that was passed to me. No one deserves this. I don’t care if you’re wealthy. I don’t care if you’re poor. Your personal belongings are your personal belongings.”

Original article below posted on 7/30/14

Most of us want a nice, organized walk in closet, but having one that is the size of a home is enough to excite any fashion lover. This massive, and might I add beautiful, closet is owned by business philanthropy expert and CEO Theresa Roemer. As an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire by the time she was 38,  Theresa’s passion is in giving back. “Personally, it’s my SHE CAVE.  Men have a MAN CAVE, so why can’t a woman have a SHE CAVE?  This is my special space.  I meditate, cry if I’m upset, pray, read, relax, visit with close or special friends, and if you can fit in to my size 6, shoes 9, by all means have a blast. Professionally, You get a lot more RSVPs on a fundraising invitation that reads “Join us in Theresa Roemer’s closet” than XYZ Country Club. The charities and individuals I work with on a regular basis know me and know that they may contact me any time to host a function here.  But as a business philanthropist, any company can contact me to arrange a charity event and possibly use my closet”, says Theresa.

With a cost of $500,000 to build and an estimated 2 Million in inventory, Theressa’s 3 story closet is the largest in America. The first floor is handbags and jewelry. The second floor houses her shoes, clothing, a champagne bar and hair/makeup station. The third floor is home to her hats, furs and items she doesn’t wear that often.  Take a peek inside her magnificent “She Cave”

Photos provided by The Blog by Neiman Marcus   and photographer Chinh Phan

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To get the full 3D effect, Watch Good Morning American interview Theresa.

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3,000 Square Foot Closet robbed

3,000 Square Foot Closet robbed

3,000 Square Foot Closet robbed

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3,000 Square Foot Closet


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